Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My baby granddaughter will be sixteen this weekend!

Tucker is officially bigger than Sadie!

Today would have been mom and daddy's anniversary!

Adding to the edible list: plastic pill bottles, this quarter's tax statement (I'll just send it with a check and let them know my dog ate my homework), scatter rugs, the other pocket of my bathrobe.  those are the additions since yesterday.  I checked - they don't make false teeth for dogs so before we learn to do other things (he sits pretty for his treats now but we sure need to learn that love bites aren't always love) - we're going to work on identifying real edible objects.

Found some of mom's dish towels while unpacking - stains.  To the great standby - 1/2 c All powder with bleach, 1/2 c liquid Cascade dishwasher det (if you still have some with the phosphates, woohoo -hang on to it to use for stain removal, not dishes!) Combine this in a plastic tub with 1 c boiling water and stir until almost dissolved.  Allow to cool to warm, add the stained items, add just enough water to cover and soak overnight. If needed, I place a plate on top of the items and weight them down so they stay immersed.

*Do the brands matter? Yes.  I've tried other brands of detergent and dishwasher liquid and NOT had the same good results. Try whatever works for you.

Yes, soup.  Some leftover lamb, sweet potatoes, yukon golds, purple sweet potatoes, onions, fresh tomato, herbs, spices, rice - white and brown, more onion, 5 kinds of mushrooms.  Just before serving, toss in a package of cream cheese. And mister k in my lap...doesn't get any better.

And here's the puzzle: Are there any real foods that aren't improved by adding cream cheese? Still trying to come up with something...

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