Thursday, February 21, 2013

I love critters.  A lot. I use Pinterest- a lot.

Today, there were so many animals in New York shelters on tomorrow's kill list that I literally couldn't pin them all.  Numbers? too many to count. I used over half a box of kleenex because the sweet faces - some frightened, some had given up...those faces would be gone forever tomorrow. And it's the same every day.  I can't see to pin because I'm crying too hard.
The preponderance of the dogs are from the "pit bull" groups. Not because of age or size or temperament but because of their appearance and misinformation about them. Why are some people so willing to believe evil when they hear it but won't hear the truth if it's in opposition to what they think/believe? Even when what they believe is just plain wrong.

Almost a month ago, I rescued Tucker. Since then, five people who were afraid of pit bull puppies have come to know Tucker, seen what fun he is, how sweet, gentle and loving he can be and have changed their minds about Tucker specifically and about pitties in general. It wasn't difficult.

They were open minded enough to realize that no dogs are born mean. There are no bad dogs. Just bad "owners". I don't own my dogs. I'm their guardian. But they do own my heart.

I really wish I could meet a wonderful person with tons of money who'd share my passion of furkids and build a forever rescue for me. A place where all the kids could go, never have to be killed because of how they look and might go home at some point with guardians who would protect them and love them unconditionally forever.

I'm crying again.....

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