Monday, February 18, 2013

We've been so lucky this year; winter consisted of 1/4" of snow. Last year, it was lots of snow and ice, no power so no tv, phone, internet, lights or heat. So this year I planned for it. Complete home stand alone gas generator - hoping I wouldn't need to use it. It worked! Hope the neighbors appreciate the mild winter.... Without spending a fortune on the generator, we'd have had snow to the eyeballs, icy roads and cold dark homes. Always seems to work that way! Ahhh, the things we do.
Road trip today. After I fill my little truck's tank with liquid gold, I'll be off and running.  I now try to do it all in one long day.  It's frustrating to discover that the fuel I've paid for since I bought my Sport Trac exceeds the cost of the vehicle. I'm not a fan of our current governmental structure and certainly not the high cost of living that has come with it.
I just love it when I realize my golden years will have turned to rust :-)
Got my "mystery" fat quarters in the mail over the weekend. Three out of four packs will be fabulous to work with and the fourth will be a real challenge.  I've never purchased "people scenery" fabric on purpose.  I think to make it work, I'll have to do small pieces and focus on the colors to distract the eye from the gondolas, waterways and all the rest. Love a good challenge... But who will I give it to when I'm done?  That will be a hide and watch.
Next week is the big calming surgery for Tucker. I hope neutering will help, anyway.  There are those times when I see how gorgeous he is and think just for a moment it would be fantastic to have little Tuckers. Then the reality slaps me - thank goodness.  For every dog that's born, way too many will die in a shelter.  In abundance, they will be pittie types. So misunderstood and mistreated. So he's the end of his line.  His hip displaysia wouldn't be a good genetic trait to pass on, anyway. I'll just be thankful he lives with me and I get to be his guardian.
Makes me wonder how many people will adopt a shelter critter today. All those dogs and cats, faithful, loyal, loving, yearning for their own human that will die today because no one came for them.  Wish I could do so much more.
So with all the love from my critters surrounding me, it's a good day.  Time to hit the road!

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