Thursday, March 21, 2013

Well it's official...Tucker will never be a father.  After his surgery yesterday I had a glimpse of what he'll be in a year or so - after he grows out of puppyhood. Still under the remaining effects of anesthesia, he was calm, quiet, didn't chew on anything - although he did carry the bag the meds were in around for about half an hour but he didn't eat it! - and he kissed my hand rather than trying to chew on it.  Yes!

Ginger had her teeth cleaned and a surgery, too delicate for her to talk about, and is wearing the dreaded cone of shame. While Tuck will be back to himself by tomorrow, Gigi will be at least a week recovering. She does NOT like her cone. She's too miserable to jump up on the couch or bed so she needs help; she can't sleep under the covers and she's frustrated.

Had to laugh all the way home from the vet. Here's Tuck with only a 48 hr recovery time and Gigi in major pain with a long, hard, miserable week in front of her. She went to sleep on the way home. Tucker moaned and groaned the entire time.  Why do guys think they suffer more than we do? Has to be just a guy thing I guess.

Backbone, ribs, shoulder blades...made me cry 
First night home-just over 20 lbs
My yummy pills were in here-puleeze let me eat the bag, too! 
Calm puppy still under the effects!
The great news.....Tucker weighed 49.8 lbs.  That's a major improvement. He's more than doubled in size and weight in five weeks!!! Great vet, great food, new home and lots of love. No more emaciated, bait-dog puppy.

After five weeks I'm looking good
Mom is soooo proud of me!

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