Monday, March 25, 2013

Almost warm! Still going to need a jacket but not a winter one.

Ginger goes today to have her stitches removed - finally.  Going to go down in vet hospital history since they moved to a new location and today is their first day open. Kind of fun to be one of the first to be in the new facility.

Ordered some sewing machine feet to replace some of the ones that were stolen from my home while I was gone caring for my parents. Don't think I'll ever get over the feelings of violation and tremendous loss. Not to mention all of the items taken that can never be replaced - which leave a void in my heart.

In my next life I want to be less kind, less forgiving and basically meaner. I learned the identity of the thief; he's the son of a friend.  Because of that I can't turn him in -the three strikes law in this state would probably put him away forever. When it came time to draw the line between friendship and loss, friendship won.  I know it's not the right solution for most people and if the friendship could stand a decision to turn him in but I know I wouldn't like to think of my child in prison forever.

Next I hope no one reads this because it's truth and no one likes to have it all out there. This is cathartic for me.

Not being able to sew, quilt, handle fabric has taken its toll.  Unless a fabriholic, I know this makes no sense.  Just looking at and handling fabric - in itself - brings a calmness and sends the mind off in a gazillion directions.  Taking the fabric and cutting into it, manipulating it, putting it back together into something new and wonderful is such a sense of accomplishment.  Lots of love goes into a quilt and when it's complete, it shows.

So as time and $ allows, I will replace what was taken and dive back in.  Until then, just holding and dreaming will have to do.

When remaking a bed, after the top sheet goes on but before you tuck it in, fold it up a foot or so and sprinkle a light dusting of a gently-scented powder across the foot of the bed and then tuck in. It smells wonderful and your feet will smile when you crawl in tonight.

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