Monday, April 1, 2013

FOUR BULLY STICKS! The biggest ones they had. Super size for the massive chewing machines. Three dogs and they'll "fight" over who has which one because they just know the other one is better than the one they have. So if I put a fourth one on the floor, someone can grab the one that was just left behind, which will free up another one and so on and so on. Musical sticks.

I read on a website yesterday that these incredible edibles can last up to two years! I believe that is true. But only if you leave them in the sealed plastic, tuck them into a plastic container with a sealing lid and hide them in the very, very back of a closet on the top shelf.

I gave them to the critters just after 5pm and they were GONE before we went to bed.  Not a trace left behind, no shreds or crumbs. I have no idea who ended up eating the last of them since they each took their prize to hide away from prying eyes.  I searched diligently because I just couldn't believe it and finally gave it up because they were g o n e.

Even Gigi did a respectable job of putting hers away and she's definitely not a massive chewer at 20 lbs. and with a tiny mouth.

I was going to buy them in bulk but after computing the cost of four sticks per day for just six months, I realized I'd be approaching somewhere near the national debt level.

Now I'm wondering if those concrete blocks would be considered too much to give a dog.... ;-) Maybe some of the Craftsman tools that are guaranteed replaceable if they become damaged. Probably not. Tucker would have all the switchplates off or be installing a new door knob within minutes.

So I will continue my quest to find things for them to chew on that might last at least overnight.  Because Greg, my vet, says No Doggie Dentures every time I ask.

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