Saturday, April 6, 2013

What do you say when your daughter turns 41? Easy. I had her when I was 2! Yesterday was her birthday and when I went outside, it was in the high 50's and the sun was out. Thought back to the night I went to the hospital; had to drive the jeep with the blade down pushing snow all the way to the hospital. That was Eastern Washington and I wasn't sure we'd make it up the hill. Thank heavens after that I moved to the wetside of the state. She did turn out to be a snow bunny. Me - I'm a wuss. There is nothing beautiful about snow except for photographs of it somewhere else. My story and I'm definitely sticking to it.

Another day has gone by and I'm proud to say I didn't kill Tucker/Jaws/Chompers/Masticator the Great. Doesn't seem to matter what he does - cause he's so darned cute you just can't get upset.  Got a picture of him curled up with Gigi on the love seat and they just snuggle so well - who cares if he ate his toy basket this morning... wonder if they make toy baskets in stainless steel?

Hope to get started this week with the trainer. THAT should be an adventure. Taking all three critters so the trainer can observe interactions. He said that will help with his direction. I need a lot of direction to keep my sense of humor. Well, maybe a little anyway.

Had the good fortune to get not one but two 800 calls today.  Feel free to borrow and share. Thanks to caller ID, when I picked up the phone I said in my happiest voice "May I speak with Kaila, Please?" (NEVER say hello!) The person on the other end said "ummm, I must have the wrong number" and hung up.  Did NOT call back. Did the same with the second call and they hung up without a word.  Works like a charm.  Although, once in a while they'll tell me there's no one there by that name.

Time to snuggle in with the kids.  Need to get the king set up because if I don't do it soon, I'll be sleeping on the floor and they'll have the bed.  The queen just doesn't cut it.

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