Saturday, April 20, 2013

Just when you believe things are looking up - and what could go wrong now? - it does. I guess shame on me for having a positive attitude and angering the house trolls.

A few days ago I finished removing the dog's nose art from the living room window, tossed all the bones because each one of the dog's wanted the one the other guy had, finished laundry....all the stuff I needed to do and realized it was cold indoors.  Took the kids out to potty and discovered the heat pump was running. Constantly.

Since it wasn't heating the house I had to assume it was cooling. Two technicians later, I got the news - the compressor has gone "out" and it's only a little over 3k to replace it. Oh, and by the way we seem to have misplaced paperwork on the 10 yr parts and labor warranty you purchased. But because you've been such a good client we can either repair the old one or install a new one at a drastically reduced price. But we'll also have to replace the coil in the new furnace you bought from us at the same time. But you'll have a like-new furnace, a new heat pump AND we promise not to lose your new 10yr warranty. But what if I don't have the budget for that right now? No problem, you just use your furnace (higher cost), shut off the heat pump (wow, that will really help the utility bill) and give us a call. 

The follow up call offered a price I couldn't refuse so the work will get done. But when I look at the original price for equipment and installation and the price for new - at their "cost" - it's about 6k less than the price I paid initially. They made bank on me the first time. Shows how much mark up they have and their huge profit margin, if nothing else.

This is immediately followed by the necessity to replace windows. Details unimportant - it has to be done. Let it suffice that I have an ex-husband. It explains a myriad of details.

Whew, that felt good! I will not ever, ever, ever again ask what could go wrong now!

Did the WD40 trick yesterday. Sprayed the spring above the garage door, the side rails and rollers. I do this religiously every 3 mos and I have NEVER had a problem with it. I also do the bottom slide rail for all of the windows but that will apparently not be necessary with the new ones.

Off to get some more plastic hangars for Tucker. He eats anything and plastic hangars cost sooo much less than another couch! AND he loves hangars.... goTuck.

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