Thursday, March 21, 2013

Loving the fact that spring is coming.  Blue bells, rhodies and some blue flowers I don't remember planting are in bloom. The rhubarb is pushing it's way out of the ground and I can almost taste the rhubarb custard pie.

So excited about the formation of our new group.  While in eastern WA I was fortunate to be involved with Inland Northwest Honor Flight program. Now back on the wetside  of the state (closer to the truth than westside)  I'm involved with the newly forming Puget Sound Honor Flight. I can barely wait until we can take our first group of veterans to  DC to see their memorials and monuments to their service and valor. It's a two box of Kleenex trip.

So much work to be done and so many donations needed.  This is not a commercial - just a huge nod of thanks to Southwest Airlines - they're giving us 25 FREE roundtrip tickets for the vets and that needs to be recognized. Incorporation paperwork,  501 status, sitting a board, getting supportive worker bees (that's me) and then going through all the rest of the hoops to get this moving forward is a bit daunting but the eventual outcome will make it worth every minute!!!

Newspaper and plain old water.  Best thing in the world to clean your windows and mirrors. No streaks, no trace chemicals - works great on mirrors without affecting the silvering.

Have to include the rest of the kids. Mr Kitty Havecamp, part Maine Coon, looks great considering his start in life. Sadie, English Springer, loves her little boy.

                                                    This is a face to met your heart

No one believes that he actually winks at me.  I always wink back - in case it's some kind of code.

                                      One of my favorite photos of Sadie She's showing her age...

Last but certainly not least - the Ginger lady. Attitude multiplied and then some. At barely 20lbs she lets everyone know she's the biggest, baddest girl in the house. Who knew a Jack Russell functioned as a Great Dane?

I am so blessed!

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