Friday, November 1, 2013

There's something special and wonderful to wake up every morning and know that four little hearts and sixteen pitter-pattering feet will be staring at me with eyes full of love.  Unless you have your own furkids, you can't imagine what it feels like.  If you have no furkids or just want to save a life, get out today or tomorrow and adopt a critter.  You'll never regret it.

Always, please adopt - don't shop. Over six million animals were killed in US shelters last year alone because no one came to save them.  There's also fostering, transporting, TNR for your neighborhood cats and if you don't feel inclined to the above, please donate to animal shelters, rescue groups or transportation groups. Everyone can save at least one!

Still a "dizzy broad" but working on a diagnosis; what a joy it would be to never fall down or tip over again.  At least I have had no broken bones in a while and that is a real bonus.

Every day - well, almost every day - I try to manage the goals I set for myself. I have to schedule around medical appointments but it works for me.  Every day the kids get fed, I eat, the litter box is emptied (love, love, love my litter robot!), I get rid of at least one box and keep up with the mail.  By setting my goals at an achievable level, anything else I can do becomes a bonus and I love it when that happens. Today was a four box day.  Woohoo!

Pinterest has become a passion for me.  I have a lot of boards dealing with all fazes of critters so I have a method of contributing to the welfare of furkids. I focus much of my time supporting adoptions of dogs and cats to be killed within a day or two, donations and petitions supporting wildlife and dogs and cats in critical condition in desperate need of medical support.

If you've not used pinterest and you love to cook, travel, diy, jewelry, photos, quilting - almost every single thing you can imagine is on some one's board and you have access to everything.  It's an incredible resource at your fingertips. The only potential downside is it can become addictive - I kid you not! Some days I can barely contain myself waiting to see what others have pinned.

In the last week, I made three varieties of dog/cat treats from pinterest recipes. I located several new quilt interpretations I want to use for this fall.  I made several recipes for fabulous food, some diy cleaning solutions, and found good, clean funny things to make me laugh. I have to admit I may have also pinned tons of pix of great animals!

I had a birthday this week and it didn't hurt at all.  I may have lived a certain number of years since I was born but that doesn't mean it's my age.  I certainly do not fall into the category normally associated with my "year number" and if I ever do, I'll just pack it in. I'll never do the grey little curly, short haircut, wear comfortable shoes, corduroy pants, hand-painted sweatshirts and a cozy car coat.  I'll go to my grave in skinny jeans (or whatever the style may be at the time), wonderful age inappropriate tops and probably no coat at all. The great thing is I can laugh about it until....

TIP:  If you're not certain something you have is what you need to keep or will use again, make a box dated with today's date. Toss in things you aren't sure about for around six months.  Then re-date the box, seal it and hide it.* Wait another six months and if you haven't opened it - don't even unseal it, just donate or toss it. So now it's time to redate the next box and start another.  You may be amazed at how quickly the boxes fill up and how little you'll ever give any thought to what you tossed.

*Start another dated box.

If you don't need to wait six months, toss it whenever.

Hug those you love as often as possible - be it two or four legged.  You never know how much longer they'll be around...

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