Thursday, January 17, 2013


For years, I have threatened to write a book of trivial stuff and useless information.  That's not going to ever happen.  But there will be those days when I need a creative way to get stuff out of my head.  I hope this will give me the opportunity to do just that.

It will not have continuity nor will it make sense to most people.  This is for ME.  So to me, it will make perfect sense.  Someday I may even allow someone else to see this....who knows.  For now, I'm happy and that's what matters most - I need happiness in my life.

I cuddle with Sadie, Ginger and Mister Kitty.  That's joy.

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  1. Useful information...I rescued a 6 mo old pittie. You could count his ribs from across the room and his shoulder blades stuck out so far! He's been starved. Bite scars on his hindquarters, horrible hip displaysia, still has a baby tooth to lose.

    Probably never been in a house before - everything is foreign and fascinating. Food consumption is amazing but now that he knows there will always be lots of food and water, that's slowing down.

    Fortunately, the vacuum cleaner wasn't plugged in either time he ate the cord. The repairman will just laugh when I bring it back a second time in as many weeks.

    And who knew that couches were edible? Mine is, anyway. I'd forgotten how much puppies like to chew and NOT on the indestructible toys meant for that purpose. Yum, couch!

    Should I be upset? Probably. Am I? Nope. Gives me an excuse to get a new one when he quits chewing. Besides, the restoration company broke the back of the couch when they were here after the fire; the insurance company will have to make good on that. And everything else they destroyed, trashed or tossed out without my knowledge or permission. But that's another subject for another day.

    What I know is that at night Sadie is by my head, Ginger next to my back, Mister K between my ankles and Tucker is snoring on the floor beside the bed.

    My joy has increased exponentially.